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What makes a Great Business Portrait?

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Lisa portrait


Shooting Faces aim to make you look brilliant and ensure that the image portrays the best possible version of you that shows your integrity and personality.   Here are some tips that you can follow to help us to achieve that:

  1. Show us a mood board of the kind of portraits and styles you like and let us know what it is you specifically like about them.
  2. Tell us what you will be using the image for
  3. Wear clothes that are appropriate to your business and what your clients would expect you to wear. Don’t dress for a night out – dress for a really important business meeting
  4. Ensure your clothes are clean and neatly pressed.
  5. Women should be careful about necklines, not too high and definitely not too low. If you are unsure bring a selection of scarfs or some necklaces
  6. Men should ensure that their clothes fit perfectly particularly jackets and shirts. If you are wearing a polo shirt make sure the collar is in good condition and ironed.
  7. Shades of blue and green work well for most people and white and black tend to be too harsh.   But really wear whichever colour you feel good and confident in.   If in doubt bring a selection of colours and necklines.
  8. Hair should be newly washed and styled. Bring your own hair products, hair brush and comb.
  9. Make-up should be freshly applied and look natural. Translucent powder is great for giving a flawless complexion and we always bring it with us.
  10. Have a positive attitude, be prepared to relax, have fun and SMILE!

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