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What does it take to create the perfect photoshoot?

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Shooting Faces is different – we bring the studio to your site.

This guarantees that we are able to create the perfect photoshoot environment everywhere we go.

People Count

But it isn’t really about the lighting or the backdrop that makes the shoot perfect, it is all about the people.

We don’t like to think of the people we are taking pictures of as just a sea of faces, you may as well go to a photo booth for that experience.  Good communication is the key – and a bit of fun!

We have state of the art equipment, that goes without saying, but that equipment is operated by an individual at the end of the day and if he/she can’t get the client to relax and enjoy the shoot, the perfect picture will elude them.

Capturing that moment when the sitter is completely at one with the camera and when the image we see reflects their soul is what we strive for, and we have a number of techniques to achieve that.

Being in front of the camera for a maximum of 15 minutes each means we have our work cut out sometimes. During that time we will chat away, asking lots of questions so we form a rapport. If they are shy, we will do the talking; we have a mountainous amount of humorous tales about other shoots we have done, including the odd star or two! If all else fails Ray will ask them to imagine him naked and he tells us that usually has them in fits of giggles! The whole idea is to get the model to look directly into the lens whilst still looking natural. Ray normally takes upwards of 30 different shots until he is satisfied he has the one fit to be called a Shooting Faces photo.

Preparation matters

It doesn’t matter how good you are if the person you are shooting arrives looking less than their best.   Inappropriate or un-ironed clothes, smeared glasses, unruly hair and poorly applied make-up all hinder the chance of being relaxed and getting a good photo.   Our pre-shoot brief covers all these things, including colours to avoid so you get the best out of the occasion.

The icing on the cake is the post-production techniques that magically enhance that person’s personality so that they get the absolute best possible version of themselves . A big promise but one we are prepared to stand by!

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