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From conception to completion – it couldn’t be easier for you

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What does your picture say about you?

Whenever you meet or communicate with someone the first thing you do is look at their profile picture on social media.  This may be the first time you have seen them and therefore it is your first impression of them and the company they represent.   Opinions are quickly formed and generally stay with you for a very long time.    So, what does your picture say about you?   Does your team photo’s all speak of your company’s brand?

The hassle of booking a session at a photographic studio, getting everyone to be in the right place at the right time, losing valuable hours of work and then hoping that they will like the results and not grumble can have you reaching for your smart phone and selfie stick saying, “This will have to do!”

That is why we decided at Shooting Faces to make things easier for you and keep everyone smiling. 

The easy bit…

From an organisational perspective all we need to know is where to go, how many people there will be, where we can park and what the access is like.

And then we do something that will make the whole thing a very different experience for you and your team; we will show you a gallery of portraits we have done so that we can learn what you like and what you don’t like.   We may even ask if you have brand guidelines, a vision or mission statement so we can tie in very closely with your ethos and feel. We will advise your staff what colours to avoid.  For maximum flexibility, we photograph against a standard background which can then have colour, graphics or a photo of your building applied in post-production so you have uniformity of feel. We will work extra hard to make sure the photography you commission from us reflects your company; you won’t be disappointed.

The technical bit…

We know the offices you work in will not be a perfect studio; which is why we have invested in the latest in technology  so that we can bring it to you and guarantee perfect results every time!   Results that you will see immediately as we shoot directly to a laptop and will keep shooting until you are happy.  Lighting and the knowledge of how to use it is what makes the difference between a good photo and a brilliant Shooting Faces one!

Of course, the kit is only as good as the photographer and we unashamedly brag about ours!

The man behind the lens..

Ray WatkinRay Watkins is a renowned photographer, best known for his work in the fashion industry working with big brand names. But Ray’s real passion is portraiture, so when he is not snapping the likes of Lewis Hamilton and David Beckham he is making the man in the street look amazing; working hard to reflect their soul in a photo – and he is very good at it!

If you think after reading this that Shooting Faces is going to be out of your price bracket – think again! See our pricing page and you may want to get the ball rolling by booking your session online immediately when you do!

PS. We even bring the anti-shine powder just in case!