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What makes a Great Business Portrait?

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Shooting Faces aim to make you look brilliant and ensure that the image portrays the best possible version of you that shows your integrity and personality.   Here are some tips that you can follow to help us to achieve that:

  1. Show us a mood board of the kind of portraits and styles you like and let us know what it is you specifically like about them.
  2. Tell us what you will be using the image for
  3. Wear clothes that are appropriate to your business and what your clients would expect you to wear. Don’t dress for a night out – dress for a really important business meeting
  4. Ensure your clothes are clean and neatly pressed.
  5. Women should be careful about necklines, not too high and definitely not too low. If you are unsure bring a selection of scarfs or some necklaces
  6. Men should ensure that their clothes fit perfectly particularly jackets and shirts. If you are wearing a polo shirt make sure the collar is in good condition and ironed.
  7. Shades of blue and green work well for most people and white and black tend to be too harsh.   But really wear whichever colour you feel good and confident in.   If in doubt bring a selection of colours and necklines.
  8. Hair should be newly washed and styled. Bring your own hair products, hair brush and comb.
  9. Make-up should be freshly applied and look natural. Translucent powder is great for giving a flawless complexion and we always bring it with us.
  10. Have a positive attitude, be prepared to relax, have fun and SMILE!
What does your profile picture say about you?

First impressions count

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So you start up a social media page, let’s say it is a LinkedIn profile. You have read all the posts about what you should put on it, you know that it needs to have good contact details and that the CV part reads impressively.  You contact your clients and ask for testimonials and recommendations and ask them to endorse you for the skills you have; so far, so good. Then you get to the tricky part – THE PHOTO… It is true to say that not many of us like pictures we have of ourselves. There is maybe the one taken at Christmas where you didn’t look too bad; but is that suitable for a corporate audience? Perhaps you had better have a go at taking a selfie but then you remember seeing that one of a colleague of yours that looked particularly cheesy? The temptation at this stage is to just stick with the avatar and be done with it, but who wants to link up with a faceless blob? Would it look like you are hiding something? The answer is a resounding YES, you are! You are hiding that fact that you don’t value your personal and corporate brand enough to get the right picture to portray it! Take a second to think about what that says to those who are considering whether you are someone they would like to do business with?   The picture on your LinkedIn profile is undoubtedly going to be different to the one you have on your personal Facebook page or dating site. We have all seen profile pictures that make us cringe.  What does it say about that person and the company they are working for?   How does it reflect on them?  Would you employ that person?   Would you want them to present their products or services to your business? The picture on your profile is not about vanity – it is all about your brand, or that of your company so taking some time to consider how you would like that brand to come across, and getting the right picture to portray this, is well worth the effort. The added value in this is that you will probably love the picture as well; it will be the  one that you want the corporate world to see. Remember, first impressions count. If you have noticed bad profile pictures, you will not be the only one. So, what does yours profile picture say about you?

From conception to completion – it couldn’t be easier for you

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What does your picture say about you?

Whenever you meet or communicate with someone the first thing you do is look at their profile picture on social media.  This may be the first time you have seen them and therefore it is your first impression of them and the company they represent.   Opinions are quickly formed and generally stay with you for a very long time.    So, what does your picture say about you?   Does your team photo’s all speak of your company’s brand?

The hassle of booking a session at a photographic studio, getting everyone to be in the right place at the right time, losing valuable hours of work and then hoping that they will like the results and not grumble can have you reaching for your smart phone and selfie stick saying, “This will have to do!”

That is why we decided at Shooting Faces to make things easier for you and keep everyone smiling.  Read More

What does it take to create the perfect photoshoot?

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Shooting Faces is different – we bring the studio to your site.

This guarantees that we are able to create the perfect photoshoot environment everywhere we go.

People Count

But it isn’t really about the lighting or the backdrop that makes the shoot perfect, it is all about the people.

We don’t like to think of the people we are taking pictures of as just a sea of faces, you may as well go to a photo booth for that experience.  Good communication is the key – and a bit of fun!

We have state of the art equipment, that goes without saying, but that equipment is operated by an individual at the end of the day and if he/she can’t get the client to relax and enjoy the shoot, the perfect picture will elude them.

Capturing that moment when the sitter is completely at one with the camera and when the image we see reflects their soul is what we strive for, and we have a number of techniques to achieve that. Read More