Creating images that motivate and inspire

Photos that tell your story

Bringing the moment to life

Your character captured

What we do

We talk to you about what you are trying to portray and get under the skin of your brand or personal style.

We provide you with a mood board of portraits to choose the style you prefer.

We arrive at your premises with a professional lighting rig, set the scene and start shooting. We can work in any setting.

Afterwards we will ask you to choose the images you like and then perfect and polish them – just a tad, so they portray the real you!

Who we are

Shooting Faces is headed up by Ray Watkins who has worked with many of the world’s leading brands. Ray has a reputation for creating images that motivate and inspire people. It was once said when working for a leading sportswear brand that people wanted to rip the images off the walls and keep them for themselves!

Ray is always keen to ensure that his pictures say something and with portrait photography it is about capturing that moment that shows the inner spirit of the person. His expertise can be summed up in 3 main areas:

  • Ensuring the sitter is relaxed so that they can be ‘themselves’
  • Using light to enhance and bring to life the essence of the person
  • Subtle use of post-production to smooth, soothe or accentuate the character of the sitter

Organising a shoot is easy. Simply book online using our calendar.


Ray Watkins has worked with many A list celebrities (as well as some people who you are yet to hear of…) he is able to quickly build a rapport and have fun with the sitter. This ensures that he captures the personality and integrity of the person. What you get are images that portray you and really capture the sense of who you are. The whole process will be quick, fun and utterly painless!

Take a look at our gallery to see who we’ve been working with.


"I've worked with Ray a number of times whilst I worked for adidas, Helly Hansen and Reebok. That in itself is testament to the faith that I have in the work he can do. In most of these briefs, he was working with professional sportsmen who are not 'models' but was still able to get a performance out of them. Ray is personable, flexible and professional and a guy that I know I can trust to get the job done with a creative result that delivers."

− Roy Gardner – Clarks

"I've had the pleasure to work with and for Ray on numerous occasions. Always exceeds expectations. Technically perfect and amazingly creative. Ray will never choose the easy option and will give you much more than you expect...and I don't just mean number of shots. Rays attention to detail is second to none, his creative flair infectious. Shoots are always eventful and fun for all the right reasons. Top bloke."

− Tim Kelly

"I've known Ray for a good number of years now and would highly recommend both the man and his work to anyone. First rate photographer."

− Ron Lowe – Ogilvy Redworks

"Ray is an awesome photographer, he is great to work with and delivers time after time, his energy and passion shows in his work and I can't speak high enough of him. It's always a pleasure to work with Ray."

− Paul Bennett – WRG Creative Communications

"Ray Watkins, isn't just a superb photographer, but also a bloody great bloke who will go the extra mile to surpass your expectations. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Ray to anyone, who wants first class imagery. An absolute pleasure to know.. despite his footballing allegiances!!"

− Alan Price – Pure Creativity

"Great concepts, understood us as a company quickly and delivered valuable brand and content way beyond our expectations. Good guy."

− Ben Gower – Perspicuity

"I had the pleasure of working with Ray when I worked at Reebok Europe. I found him a very approachable person and an expert in his field. Ray is a very talented and creative artist and a hgihly likeable person."

− Gilles Gabillet

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